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Tonträger aus CE-Town

Ein kleiner Überblick über CDs aus Stadt und Landkreis Celle

Im Folgenden finden Sie eine kleine Auswahl an Tonträgern aus Celle, die seit den 90er Jahren produziert worden sind. Diese Aufstellung erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit.

Musiker oder Bands aus Stadt oder Landkreis Celle, die mit ihrem Werk (nur CDs!) in diese Rubrik aufgenommen werden wollen, senden bitte ein Frei-Exemplar (inkl. CD-Hülle, Cover und ggf. Booklet) an unsere Adresse (siehe Impressum!).



  • Celler Akkordeon Club
  • Circles
  • Crown Of Creation
  • Endless
  • Horizon
  • Penguins On Broadway
  • Stars & Bars
  • Summerhouse    


  • „... and the Beat goes on“
  • „Celles Greatest“
  • „Die Moorsoldaten“
  • „Made in Celle“
  • „Shuffle Box“
  • „Celler Szene unplugged“

Evergreens und Pop-Musik

Celler Akkordeon Club:
„Crazy Chords“

Eloise  ·  You'll be in my Heart  ·  Supertramp's Greatest Hits  ·  Rocky I  ·  The very Best of Les Humphries  ·  James Bond-Theme  ·  From Russia with Love  ·  For your Eyes only  ·  Goldfinger  ·  Frank Sinatra in Concert  ·  Can you feel the Love tonight  ·  Moments for Morricone


„Some Moments“

Down by the Brook  ·  Change of the Scene  ·  The Circle  ·  Music of my Own  ·  Fall of the World  ·  Some Moments in Life  ·  The War goes on  ·  Autumn in my Mind


„Theme from a imaginary Love“

Horizons – Once upon a Time  ·  Deine Sonne ist mein Mond  ·  Shew likes the Song  ·  Theme for an imaginary Love  ·  A Song for the Garden  ·  Good Times is being together  ·  Namibian Sunset  ·  Seven up  ·  Blues from the Space


„No less – no more“

Believe in Love  ·  Still we're young  ·  No less – no more  ·  Hard to realize  ·  Waiting  ·  Be the One  ·  Take your Heart  ·  Longing  ·  I don't believe  ·  Children of the Earth  ·  Pink Cadillac  ·  Save all your Memories  ·  Come back to my Heart

„Go ahead“

Go ahead  ·  Here in your Arms  ·  The Wall  ·  Your Time  ·  Miss you  ·  Take it or leave it  ·  Poems of Chances  ·  Ride in Time  ·  Perfect Sense  ·  Against Reality

„Hitchhiker's Hum“

Living in a Caravan  ·  Tell me why  ·  Tomorrow maybe  ·  Kill that Princess  ·  Another Generation  ·  Chasing Stars  ·  Clouds  ·  I don't wanna know  ·  Time to take a Picture  ·  The Light  ·  Secret Wishes of a lonely Man (Part 1)  ·  Irish Coffee  ·  ???


Crown Of Creation:
„Best of“

When Time is lost  ·  Running to the Top  ·  No Problem  ·  Empty Life  ·  Gimme Hope  ·  Better and better  ·  Darkness in your Life  ·  Ohne ein Wort  ·  Memory  ·  Fallen Angel  ·  Friends  ·  Child’s Eyes  ·  With the Rhythm in my Mind  ·  Frustsong  ·  My Story  ·  At Christmas Time  ·  Running to the Top Mix  ·  Child’s Eyes (Eighties Mix)  ·  Memory Mix  ·  You lift me up  ·  Our Future  ·  Happy Hours People  ·  Time is lost Mix  ·  Different Worlds  ·  Creature of the Darkness  ·  Running to the Top live  ·  Regrets  ·  Turn me on  ·  Toll of the Road  ·  Ralf  ·  Ballad of Pyromania  ·  Langeweile  ·  Die Matzingers: Neandertalmann  ·  Die Matzingers: Friedhofsballade

Penguins On Broadway:
„It's about Time“

Penguins on Broadway  ·  Heaven  ·  Silicon Tears  ·  Nobody else  ·  Same as mine  ·  Stop stop  ·  Valley of Mirrors  ·  Crazy  ·  Baby's wearing black  ·  I left this Road  ·  Every Breath you take  ·  Pop Gangsters  ·  With a little Bit of Time  ·  Annie  ·  Penguins on Broadway

Penguins On Broadway:

Everybody (Congress Theme)  ·  Cross the Sea  ·  Find a Way  ·  Cruel Entertainment  ·  By my Side  ·  Harbour Lights  ·  A distant Place  ·  Once in a While  ·  Never alone again  ·  Three are not a Crowd  ·  Valun

Vogel T.:
„Snapshot 1.0“

Cruel Summer  ·  Talk to me  ·  How does it feel  ·  Dreck  ·  Geil-o-mat  ·  Mehr  ·  November  ·  Shelter from the Cold  ·  All right again  ·  Langsamer Song  ·  Songwrtiter Jingle  ·  feat. Claudia Fraatz: You won't see me cry  ·  Crush on you  ·  Special Guest Jingle  ·  feat. Wolfgang Fischer: Miloijka  ·  feat. Wolfgang Fischer: Nostalgie  ·  Archiv Jingle  ·  I've got zero


Stars & Bars:
„Here's looking at you“

Shotgun Blue  ·  Hittin' on me  ·  Itchy Feet  ·  Last Son  ·  Alabama Blues  ·  Who's been talkin'  ·  Mississippi  ·  Tobacco Road


Diverse Celler Bands:
„... and the Beat goes on“

Dirty Pool: Some Kind of wonderful  ·  Dirty Pool: I've got to stop tryin'  ·  Dirty Pool: I've lost that lovin' Feelin'  ·  Dirty Pool: I can see clearly now  ·  Penguins On Broadway: Boom boom  ·  Penguins On Broadway: Brian's on the Line  ·  Penguins On Broadway: Koraljka  ·  Allstar-Projekt: I'm glad  ·  Allstar-Projekt: Song of a wasted Man  ·  Allstar Projekt: Reflections  ·  The Barking Bats: Route 66  ·  The Barking Bats: CC Rider  ·  The Barking Bats: In the Midnight Hour  ·  The Barking Bats: Just can't go to Sleep  ·  The Barking Bats: Roll over Beethoven

Diverse Celler Bands:
„Celle's Greatest“

Anna Singt: I don't have to fight  ·  Endless: Ride in Time  ·  Summerhouse: Nothing in common  ·  Penguins On Broadway: Baby's wearing Black  ·  Disguising Grace: All these Voices  ·  Indeed: She's my Windshield  ·  Out Of Tune: Deadman's walking  ·  Primate Pookie: Ekpyrosis  ·  Wathlinger: Erde  ·  Lucy's Nightmare: And the Sandman still can't sleep  ·  Blomqvist: Märchenlied  ·  Havocs: Early Sunday Morning  ·  Main Street 55: Chestnut Cream  ·  Lemon Jam: Inside your Love  ·  Mary's Forbidden Dreams: I can't stand  ·  The News: Hip to the Square  ·  Crown Of Creation: Regrets  ·  Retrovertigo: Celebration

Diverse Celler Musiker:
„Die Moorsoldaten“

Joschua Claassen: Die Moorsoldaten  ·  Wathlinger & Band: Die Moorsoldaten  ·  Großmoorer Quartett: Die Moorsoldaten  ·  Thomas Czacharowski: Die Moorsoldaten (Reprise)

Diverse Celler Bands:
„Made in Celle“

Crown of Creation: Run away  ·  Reeplay: Dilemma  ·  Anna Singt: The Journey of a Bird  ·  Herr Flamingo: All die Menschen  ·  Fire In Fairyland: Push it  ·  Herr Flamingo: 144  ·  Two 5 On: Midnight Special  ·  Wathlinger: Die Moorsoldaten  ·  Beatlos: Heiliger Gral  ·  Reeplay: Ruf mich an  ·  KoKA: Frei  ·  Satellite View: My silent Void  ·  One Strike Left: Praise or die  ·  Discord: Ignorance Ultd  ·  Anna Singt: Alles zu seiner Zeit  ·  Artistic Ghetto: Celle Reloaded  ·  Dexx & Benku: Es ist schwer  ·  Crown of Creation: Vampires in the Moonlight

Diverse Celler Bands:
„Shuffle Box“

Obskurity: Inglorians  ·  No Frills: 23  ·  Lolecks & Bolecks: Donuts  ·  Daddy Long Legs: A real Cock and Bull Story  ·  Point Two Tons: Wonder why  ·  No Frills: 7  ·  Viva Kunterbunt: So siehtr's aus  ·  Wonderprick: Sammy Moulder  ·  Damned W Nowhere: Shake your Hand  ·  Jockeys Full Of Bourben: Black Man  ·  Kilgore: Celler Loch  ·  Viva Kunterbunt: Friend  ·  Wonderprick: You can go  ·  Point Two Tons: Ed  ·  Televenga Hypnotism: Passenger  ·  Kilgore: Weakness  ·  Sarah: Celler Loch

Diverse Celler Bands:
„Celler Szene unplugged“

Wonder-T: Wal - da bläst er  ·  Disgrace: Hard ro believe  ·  Haimatmelodie: Nie wieder Alkohol  ·  The Barking Bats: A Song for you  ·  Gioconda: Everywhere  ·  Days Of Black And Orange: These Clouds  ·  Endless: Hard ro realize  ·  Penguins On Broadway: Unplugged  ·  Sleepwalker: I'm feeling  ·  Bite The Bullet: Bug  ·  Salted Prices: Since that Day  ·  The Keltics: Keltics  ·  Sir Hardy Vintage: Fußpilz  ·  Vogel T.: Weißu noch (Rock 'n' Roll Part 1)

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